Tuesday, November 1, 2011

$10.00 Leis!

These are eye lash leis! My aunty taught me how to make them. They are great for graduations, birthday's, and any other special occasions. The only thing I would not recommend them for are baby showers. In my family (and probably lots of others from Hawaii) believe that pregnant ladies should not wear any type of closed rope like things around their necks so they babies don't get anything around their neck while in their tummies if you catch my drift. My sister couldn't even wear necklaces.

 If they make the yarn in a certain color, I can turn it in to a lei for you. It's $10 for one lei. They are long and go mid-chest. I'll post a picture of an actual person wearing it, but for now, my puppy was the only one home to model it for me.

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