Sunday, August 9, 2009

Penguin Card Inside - Wish the gift card was full! I used it all!

Penguin Gift Card Holder - This is another gift card holder. Lift the top and there's another special surprise!

This is a 3D cake slice card I made. I think I will try a real candle next time. The "plate" holds one or two gift cards - depends on how many slits you make in it to hold the cards. Credit to Vince for actually figuring out how the heck I was supposed to have it hold ANY gift cards. He's really good at figuring out those things for me.

Here is a can up close. Eventuallly, I'll take a better picture for everyone to see.

Never know what to do with your cans after you eat the food that's in it??? Turn them in to pen holders! That's what I do. You can really see all the detail here, but I'll upload one so you can see it up close. All you need is pretty paper, masking tape, thin ribbon, and PAPER mod podge. Oh yeah - and a little sponge brush to apply the mod podge. My sister and her friend make cakes. They use one of my cans to hold their fondant tools in. You can put anything you want in your can. I can personalize them, too. I gave them all away so I don't have any personalized one to show at this time. Sorry!

Another milk carton conversion! This took a lot longer than the vase.

This used to be a regular milk carton. It is cut by hand and covered with Japanese Washi Paper. My Aunty Evelyn's side of the family is very good at crafting and this is one thing I have learned. It was fun to do! You need a carton, masking tape, lots of UHU glue sticks, and a lot of patience. This was really fun to make.

This was a baby shower favor. The match box is from teh Cricut (fold and scoring are done by hand) then I stamped the images. The monkey is cut out (yes - even the fingers and toes). I even slit the branch by the tail and pulled the tail through the box before I put it together. The sentiment is brown embossing powder. The candy is banana runts. This was probably one of the most time consuming favors I've made. I was lucky that I only needed to make 30 of them.

This was made for my cousin's graduation party. The bag was from my Cricut machine and everything else was hand stamped. The little butterfly by Pooh was embellished with red glitter. You can't really see it in this picture though. Note for Cricut - even though the Cricut cuts out the box, you still need to score, fold, and adhere together.

I made these for a friends 20th anniversary. Each box is cut and scored by hand. Even the stamping. Credit to Kelsey for actually making a template for it!
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Ornament Gift Holder

This is a gift card holder! Pull the top of the ornament and you will your special gift.